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Thanks for visiting this website and even more thanks if you finally register! Please take your time and read these instructions before submitting this registration form.

Username accepts white spaces. You must remember your Username to log in, and there is no system implemented to retrieve a forgotten Username. You are required to type the Password two times to prevent mistakes. Again, there is no system implemented to retrieve a forgotten Password, so take note of it before it is too late. E-mail, Birth Date, Sex and Real Name cannot be modified after registration, so take in mind what you type in those fields.

The random numbers (CAPTCHA) are used to avoid malicious software that spams websites by creating fake accounts. So you have to read and write those random numbers to verify that you are human and not a spam software. For the visually impaired, there are added some sound samples. These have a rather clear voice, but they say the numbers in an indirect way, because some spam bots are able to identify spoken numbers. To hear a sample, right click in the speaker icon that is below its corresponding number and select to open the link in a new tab.

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