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Sahara Territory offers a unique insight into the Sahara desert through its geography and ethnography. Maps, satellite views, photos of the desert landscapes and towns and their people and arts, are all together in this place to give an attractive approach to these fascinating lands.

The following pictures show an example of what can be found here.

On the left image, a satellite view of two small plateaus located 55 km north-west of Kiffa, in Mauritania. On the right image, a satellite close view of the crops and the White Desert (Sahara el Beyda) in the oasis of Farafirah, in Egypt.

Satellite view in Mauritania. Satellite view in Farafirah, Egypt.

On the left image, the view on the Atakor plateau from Mount Assekrem, in the Ahaggar massif, southern Algeria. On the right image, the rocky and rugged landscape of the Tassili-n-Ajjer plateau, in southern Algeria.

The view of Atakor plateau from Mount Assekrem. The rugged landscape in the Tassili-n-Ajjer plateau.

On the left image, an aspect of Ghat town, in south-western Libya. On the right image, an old mosque and the italian colonial fort in Marzuq town, in south-western Libya.

Town of Ghat, south-western Libya. Old mosque and colonial fort in Marzuq town, south-western Libya.

On the left image, a berber woman with her traditional dress. On the right image, a typical touareg takouba sword.

Berber woman. A touareg takouba sword.

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