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in PHP-MySQL systems

In this article I tell about the security challenges posed by malicious or annoying users to server-side applications in general and the solutions for them. I address aspects such as password encryption and checking, SQL and script injection, data validation, spamming, impersonation or reporting and monitoring. Read the article here: Security in PHP-MySQL systems.

VorKuta mobile social website

Text generated: 18 September 2015

Dagovar Game

Visual Basic Game

This add-on site includes all the information and downloads about Dagovar Desert Vixens and Dagovar Combat Dolls. Dagovar games are programmed with Visual Basic 6 and some information about the programming process is available.

Text generated: 2 July 2014

Sakhal Music Studio

Computer Music

This add-on site includes all my musical works and a series of tutorials for initiation to composing music and managing software instruments.

Text generated: 10 June 2014


CSS 2 Tutorial

CSS is the universal language used to define the visual style of any HTML document. Despite it is an apparently simple language, many developers are not completely familiarized with it, and CSS conflicts are the bread of everyday. This tutorial will give a rather exhaustive understanding of the fundamental aspects required to perform the most habitual tasks. A collection of useful examples will be added to showcase the many design techniques that are habitual in websites: styled text, links, images, tables, and many other elements, vertical and horizontal menus of various types, fixed and responsive layouts built 100% CSS, etc...

Text generated: 28 March 2014


Mobile social website

VorKuta is a small social website programmed by me. It features a profile for each user, personal forum, private inbox messages, public messages and public chat. It is provided with bookmarking, blocking and reporting options and its own administration page for the most fundamental moderation tasks. Messages can embed emoticons, formatted text, pictures and Youtube videos. It also has security features such as CAPTCHA, input and print filters or IP checking.

After starting to use PHP in the early 2014, the project InterPals-VorKuta developed in September 2015 represents a great personal success for me. Technologies applied in this application are totally conventional: a large core of PHP operating with a MySQLi database, with some auxiliary Javascript functionalities to ease use. Check the result here: VorKuta

VorKuta mobile social website

Text generated: 17 September 2015


PHP 5 Tutorial

This tutorial covers elemental aspects about the fifth version of this popular server-side language. From the very basics to practical tasks like building forms, inserting and extracting data from mySQL databases, managing cookies and sessions, working with timestamps or reading and writing files, it is all here. There are plenty of full working examples that perform very specific tasks. These scripts can be modified and arranged together to form more complex applications.

Text generated: 28 March 2014