These are works made by me years ago; they are quite obsolete but I still use them for reference when working in recent projects. Some are very simple while others are quite complex. Some are unfinished as well... but were the roots for serious achievements...

Magic Ball Magic Ball is just a little game where the player has to hit a bouncing ball with the mouse cursor the more times he can during a minute. The game uses a tiled background with a set of figures of stars and crescents, and a set of customized fonts, everything drawn by using Bitblt.

Magic Ball

Kugelstadt Kugelstadt is a game where the player has to control a character in flat 2D movement and kill all the enemies with pistol, flamer, grenades, kick or punch. The game is controlled entirely with the keyboard. See the included file Key Help.txt for more information.


Hundir la Flota This is the old Sea Battle (Hundir la Flota) game. I made it in both single player and two players (two players in the same computer, hot seat play mode) versions. There is also included a simpler version that only allows to place ships horizontally.

Hundir la Flota

Fractal example This is a fractal example; I found this amazing result without even seeking it. Then I experimented by adding a RGB scale and four levels of zoom to see the resulting images.

Fractal example

Quick Wave Player This little application allows a quick listening of audio files.

Quick Wave Player

Graphical effects example This is an example of four graphical effects (inversion, screening, reduction and reflection) made with SetPoint and GetPoint GDI functions.

Graphical effects example

MapEdit MapEdit is an application that creates tileset maps by using simple square tiles. It supports animated tiles and the addition of new graphics from external files.


Isometric volumetric environment This application creates volumetric tileset maps by using isometrical cubic tiles, being possible to choose the number of height levels. It is pretty slow because, incredibly, I forgot to draw only the tiles shown in the screen and therefore I stopped working on it, leaving it unfinished. Only its first functionality, map creation, is implemented.

Isometric volumetric environment

Shaping and lighting effects example This is an example on how to make shaped forms and circle-based light effects, useful for games. These effects are drawn pixel per pixel and therefore are very slow, so they have to be used with moderation.

Shaping and lighting effects example

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Desert Vixens 2 maps

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Desert Vixens 3 maps

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Tile-based terrains

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Random maps

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