About More Than Dreams

About More Than Dreams

The impulse of creation

More than Dreams is one of so many projects created by Sakhal, a self-dedicated designer and programmer that appeared somewhere in the Earth planet at the start of the 80s. And yes, that is me, so there is no need to speak in third person any longer...

I felt always a special attraction for graphical arts (drawing and painting) as a way of expression or just by pure visual pleasure. I was able as well to do some things with wood and a cuter, and ship modelling was one of my interests in the past, until no more models could be decently accommodated in my humble home...

I had my first computer when I was almost 20 and that damn machine altered my life, but now, many years later, I hardly could be more thankful of that. Without even asking for it, one of my classmates in those New Age-ish times that gave entry to the 21th century, borrowed me a piece of software that would remain with me forever: Corel Photo Paint 8. Certainly, now I use a more modern version of the program, but the spirit is the same... a wonderful tool for the graphic designer.

In those times I was hooked playing those pseudo-strategic isometric games like Age of Empires and I started to grow the inquietude of programming. Commenting about this to another classmate that knew far more about computers than me, he drop that I should use something like Visual Basic to program things. I ended buying a book about Visual Basic 6 and started to mess with it... but i really had no idea how to make a game and time later I realized that Visual Basic wasn't the most wise tool for making one.

After some years, perhaps because of my disappointment towards my failed expectatives about programming and the stress caused by the awful job market in my country, I started to try musical composition, by using sequencers, virtual studios and VST plugins. For me, it was a brilliant stage in my creative life, but I abandoned this activity because of the unrest caused by the economic crisis. I needed something from what I could profit and I found it...

If someone would ask me what are the most productive things that I learned in my studies, I would say without doubts: english and HTML. After being fired from the only long-time job that I once had and facing a miserable failure in the last one that I had, I totally lost the few faith that I had in the job market and started to look towards one activity that I rarely had paid attention to: website design. I never had the chance to work as a programmer and I had been rotting myself in repetitive, tedious factory work.

Doing something creative and working for myself at the same time seemed to be ideal, but my sterile formation would be a ballast for my work during years. Disconnected from the reality of the software industry, I ended my studies with having only a poor knowledge of HTML and an average skill with corel Photo Paint and Visual Basic 6. Most of this knowledge had been self-acquired by me, and even my english writting was far from perfect.

After years of a very limited success, I finally decided to put my efforts in learning new programming languages to be able to match the requirements of the current job scenery. Certainly, my sloth was putting me in a dangerous situation and I couldn't afford to waste myself in such a way. When someone pointed at me a PHP book in the first 2000s, I would just think something like "For what do I need that PHP thing? I have enough with Visual Basic and HTML. Learning another programming language is just scary."

Microsoft ended killing one of the best programming products that existed, and I learned that lesson harshly. After some years programming with Visual Basic 6, after writing several programs that accounted as a whole for dozens of thousands of code lines, and after mastering the art of geometric tile representation and many sophisticated algorithms, I had in my awareness the depressive fact that VB6 applications would not last much in this world.

So for web programming I chose PHP, a long time product whose nearly universal usage and free nature could give me the stability that I aim for. Emerging from the depths of game programming and graphical design, the new challenges for me are web design and web programming. Now, with HTML, CSS and PHP, I can have much more confidence in my future. For a silent war has to be fought against another silent war.

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