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This website is the home of a small but comprehensive collection of VST plugins. A certain part of them are already abandonware and therefore very difficult to find. One of these is precisely the one depicted below, the magnificent SR-202 that was once a freebie distributed by Computer Music Magazine. This website remains opened since the beginning of 2009. It is hosted in a 40 MB free hosting and originally only that space was dedicated to the plugins. It was later upgraded by hosting the files in an auxiliary server, increasing the amount of software data up to 160 MB. The auxiliary hosting has a penalty for inactivity set for 30 days, and for such reason sometimes you may find there is no access to the files. But they will come again. The good thing is that this website hosts all the files offered for download, ensuring that these pieces of abandonware remain available as longer as possible.
SR-202 drum machine
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Seven revision compositions by Sakhal Turkaystan included in the official master CD of Mirage of a New Age.

Compilation of songs composed by Sakhal Turkaystan for the album Mirage of a New Age.

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