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Kjaerhus Classic Pack

Kjaerhus Classic Pack is a collection featuring some of the best free audio plugins available. It includes the following processors:

Kjaerhus Classic Auto Filter

Classic Auto Filter is an analog modeled four-pole filter with resonance control. It can be used for creative effects like auto wah-wah and filter sweeps, as well as a fixed filter for equalizing purposes. The filter is selectable between low-pass, high-pass, band-pass and band-reject (notch). The filter cut-off frequency can be modulated from the envelope follower and the LFO.

Kjaerhus Classic Chorus

Classic Chorus is a great sounding and easy to use plugin for adding depth, fatness and stereo perspective to almost any instrument or vocals.

Kjaerhus Classic Compressor

Classic Compressor is a classic analog style VST compressor plugin with a lot of warmth and punch. Specially designed to use on individual instruments and vocals, but also usable on your final mixes.

Kjaerhus Classic Delay

Classic Delay emulates three of the most commonly used delays/echo sound types: tape, analog and digital, but without the introduction of noise. A quality control is included where the sound of the echo machine can be adjusted to give the preferred amount of “imperfection”. The delay can be synchronised to the host, and the feedback can be reversed to give a ping-pong effect.

Kjaerhus Classic EQ

Classic EQ is a 7 band stereo equalizer with a warm analog sound, well suited to make non-surgical tonal corrections on all instruments, vocals and final mixes. The passive and additive structure, together with unique “warm” and “saturation” algorithms, produces warm and pleasant sound, just like some of the most expensive vintage gear. The left and right channels can be adjusted individually or linked together.

Kjaerhus Classic Flanger

Classic Flanger takes you in a trip back to the mid 80's. It will give you that subtle or massive swirling effect that is used mainly for guitar, but can be used for many other instruments as well. Due to a tightly controlled feedback path, it is possible to boost the flanging effect to maximum without getting unwanted side effects.

Kjaerhus Classic Master Limiter

Classic Master Limiter VST plugin is specially designed to boost the overall level of your final mixes, but is also highly usable on very dynamic instruments. With just one control on the front panel operation is as simple as it gets; just turn the threshold down and hear how your mixes gets louder and louder. Very high compression ratios can be obtained without changing the balance of the mix.

Kjaerhus Classic Phaser

Classic Phaser emulates analog phasers from the 70’s and 80’s. These vintage phasers got their characteristic sound from the analog phase shifting filters used, unlike the delay lines used in most modern digital phasers. To get a deeper and fatter phasing effect, more filter stages were cascaded. Classic Phaser works just like an analog phaser, and with selectable filter stages from 4 to 12, it can resemble anything from phaser pedals to expensive studio phasers from that time period.

Kjaerhus Classic Reverb

Classic Reverb is a nice and smooth reverb that does a good job on almost any instrument. It can be adjusted to sound like most any acoustic space, ranging from a small shower to a large concert hall. With the Hi-Damping control, it is possible to change the sound from bright and sibilant to a more natural/warmer sound.


Download Kjaerhus Classic Pack

Blue Cat Audio FreqAnalyst/Triple EQ

Two free plugins by Blue Cat Audio: a frequency analizer and an equalizer.

Blue Cat Audio FreqAnalyst

FreqAnalyst is a spectrum analyzer plugin that lets you monitor the spectral content of your audio signal in real time. It has been designed to provide extreme smoothness and high resolution for both time and frequency. Unlike most spectrum analyzers, FreqAnalyst is capable of display continuous variations even with a very high frequency resolution, thanks to its unique smooth interpolation algorithms.

Most aspects of the audio to frequency display conversion can be managed, which lets you total control over the monitoring. A special thresholding system has been developed to help you see the important parts of the spectrum easily. In case you need extra precision in a particular frequency range, you can zoom the display and check the part of the graph you are interested in.

You can use the opacity management feature to make the plugin window transparent and see what is behind. Forget about your multiple display setup, you do not need it anymore! You can now check the spectrum of your mix and see your audio tracks behind. This feature is also particularly useful when you want to compare the spectrum of two tracks: just stack your two FreqAnalyst windows and see the difference!

This plugin supports Blue Cat's skinning language, so that you can customize the user interface to your personal needs.

Blue Cat Audio Triple EQ

Triple EQ is a 3 bands semi-parametric equalizer that can be controlled as a single filter with customizable shape. It includes a low shelf filter, a high shelf filter and a boost/cut peak filter. Its wide range of gain (+/-40 dB per band) and bandwidth (.01 to 5 Octave) makes it very versatile to create any filter shape. The three filters are linked together so that when you change the center frequency or the bandwidth, the parameters of the three filters are modified accordingly: you can control the entire equalizer characteristics with a single mouse click.

The graph shows the computed frequency response of the plugin, so that you can exactly know how your signal is processed. The controls are now directly available on the filter graph, making the design of the filter shape even easier.

The Smooth Update mechanism has been included in this plugin so that you can control the EQ in real time with automation curve or MIDI: you will get an absolutely zipper-free clean and continuous time-varying equalization with absolutely no latency. It makes this plugin the ideal companion of our audio analysis tools for signal-dependant side chain filtering.


Download Blue Cat Audio FreqAnalyst/Triple EQ

Stardust Mastering Effects

Stardust Mastering Effects

Stardust is a powerful four-in-one mastering VST 2.0 effect plug-in for Windows, designed to be used as a mastering processor as well as a channel processor. This software features: bass enhancement around selected bass frequency, Q and gain control, 200Hz switchable pole phase rotator (off, 2, 4 or 8 pole), stereo enhancement with delay control for the applied stereo image, 8-band multi-band compressor, analog-like wideband compressor/limiter, 32-bit stereo input/output, 64-bit internal computing, four scalable VU meters to monitor the stages of processing, and output oscilloscope.


Download Stardust Mastering Effects

Cubase SX effect plugins pack

The Cubase SX effect plugins in a collection pack:

Cubase SX Bitcrusher

Cubase SX Chopper

Cubase SX Chorus

Cubase SX DaTube

Cubase SX DeEsser

Cubase SX DoubleDelay

Cubase SX Flanger

Cubase SX Metalizer

Cubase SX ModDelay

Cubase SX Overdrive

Cubase SX Phaser

Cubase SX QuadraFuzz

Cubase SX Ringmodulator

Cubase SX Rotary

Cubase SX Symphonic

Cubase SX Tranceformer

Cubase SX TrueTape

Cubase SX VSTDynamics


Download Cubase SX effect plugins pack

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