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My most recent inspiration for my music finally came from the ethnical music that I have been listening since years ago. By using samples that I found and trying to create a excerpt of audio with personality is always a challenge. For melodies, ethnic music often uses pentatonic keys or even fewer notes. If it is needed to recicle a scraped sample, it is necessary to vanish the most possible any beat or drum sounds and replace them with the ones made by us. Depending on the nature of the audio piece, this will be accomplished with a more or less effective result. It is not only necessary, but interesting, to sequence our own rythm track and make it to be synchronic with the original sample beat tempo. I use Coold Edit Pro audio editor to identify and measure the beat tempo of the audio sample, and then I can adjust the beat tempo in my own drum track to fit the most exactly possible the sample beat tempo.


01 - Tassikissikit (vocal clip) (Sample)
02 - Tassikissikit (vocal clip echo) (Sample)
03 - Tassikissikit (no drums) (Sample)
04 - Wind 1 (Sample)
05 - Wind 2 (Sample)
06 - Wind 3 (Sample)
07 - Drums (Connected to Edirol Hyper Canvas)
08 - Edirol Hyper Canvas - Standard Set Drumkit - Tambourine, Low Tom

THE BRIDE (FL Studio 5)

01 - The Bride (vocal clip) (Sample)
02 - The Bride (vocal clip echo) (Sample)
03 - The Bride (no drums) (Sample)
04 - Drums (Connected to Edirol Hyper Canvas)
05 - Edirol Hyper Canvas - Standard Set Drumkit - Open Surdo

Tassikissikit is a touareg song from Niger, and The Bride is a berber song from Algeria. I found these small samples in an encyclopedia disc and since I have a certain interest in the saharian world, I worked with them to try to get a substantial musical track.


01 - Wind (Sample)
02 - Mid tom (Sample)
03 - Tambourine (Sample)
04 - Keleli (Sample)
05 - Ululation (Sample)
06 - Hand clap (Sample)

I composed the melody by using a pentatonic key called Chad Gadyo. It is played with the sampled sound of a keleli, instrument used by the teda people from the south Sahara. For the first part of the melody I copied the very rythmic sequence from the original Chor Javon song's distinctive string melody.

ALTAI (FL Studio 5)

01 - Altai Throat Singing 1 (Sample)
02 - Altai Throat Singing 2 (Sample)
03 - Altai Instrument 1 (Sample)
04 - Altai Instrument 1 (Sample)
05 - Drums (Connected to Edirol Hyper Canvas)
06 - Edirol Hyper Canvas - Standard Set Drumkit - Open Surdo


01 - Altai Instrument 2 (Sample)
02 - Altai Instrument 2 (Sample)

In this piece, I was trying to give the music track the personality of central Asia music. The melodies in this track are made with really very few notes, only three or four, because the instrument samples would be otherwise excessively distorted in lenght.

Chor Javon sung by Natalya Shevlyakova - Remix by Sakhal Music Studio


01 - Chor Javon 1 (Sample)
02 - Chor Javon 6 (Sample)
03 - Chor Javon 2 (Sample)
04 - Chor Javon 3 (Sample)
05 - Chor Javon 4 (Sample)
06 - Chor Javon 7 (Sample)
07 - Chor Javon 5 (Sample)
08 - Drum slap (Sample)
09 - Tambourine (Sample)
10 - Altai instrument 2 (Sample)
11 - Hand clap (Sample)
12 - Wind 1 (Sample)

My own remix for a song that I heared countless times. The original song was a theme composed by tajik singer Muboraksho around 1975, and had certain popularity within soviet territory. I assembled this version of the song with a thing on mind: to respect the structure from the original Chor Javon song. Therefore, I used all the strophes were present in that song, and set these strophes to be sung twice, as they were in the original song. I took the samples from modern versions of the song, sung by georgian singer Natalya Shevlyakova, which are certainly catchy, but lacking the complete lyrics scheme.
Below it is an example of the tajik language lyrics.


Ravon shudand chor javon,
Har chor giriftand kamon,
Onho shudand pur armon.
Yo Mavlon! Yo Mavlon! Yo Mavlon!

Padar ki guft ba pisar:
"Imruz nakun hech safar,
Safaraton pur khatar!".
Yo Mavlon! Yo Mavlon! Yo Mavlon!

Modar dufto bacha mord,
asto nestam man rezo,
khatar aton bar khudo!
Yo Mavlon! Yo Mavlon! Yo Mavlon!

Kadam zaday yak bora,
Tarma rasid az dora,
Mullo bikhon janoza.
Yo Mavlon! Yo Mavlon! Yo Mavlon!

Modar ki girya mekard,
Sangho ro bar sar mekard,
Nolai bacha mekard.
Yo Mavlon! Yo Mavlon! Yo Mavlon!

Tuliloitsu by Poeta Magica - Remix by Sakhal Music Studio


01 - Tuliloitsu (Sample)
02 - Drums (Connected to Edirol Hyper Canvas)
03 - Edirol Hyper Canvas - Standard Set Drumkit

Tuliloitsu is a nordic edda from Iceland. The samples I used for this remix came from a demo version of the Tuliloitsu song performed by the german band Poeta Magica, which especializes in medieval music.

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